Wisdom from Charlotte

   We are reading Charlotte’s Web again and we recently came to the chapter when Wilber comes to realize, through the idle chattering from the old sheep, that his whole existence on Homer Zuckerman’s farm is to be their Christmas dinner.  He is understandably, pretty freaked out. Lucky for Wilber he has a good friend who, assures him has a plan.  The wisdom behind that plan has become my new years resolution. Charlotte tells Wilber, “Never hurry and never worry. Slowly, slowly Wilber! Never hurry and never worry.”

Never hurry and never worry, what a wise spider.

  People often ask me what we do all winter long. Sometimes I rattle off various projects we may be planning for the winter; large ones like building the new greenhouse or putting all our planting schedules on a spread sheets. Sometimes Ill mention small activities like cleaning the closets (not so small) or reading more and playing music. Really the best answer I’ve come up with is that the season ends later than one may think and begins earlier. So in the spirit of what we do all winter here is some of this weeks plans. Finish painting the cooler, prune the fruit trees which will probably take a few weeks because we haven’t done any pruning in a while, make a master list of crops for 2011, do a blog entry, begin ordering seeds and of course try to never hurry and never worry.

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