What’s in your box week #11

Just a quick post to let everyone know what’s in your boxes this week. Somethings listed may not appear in your box; somethings in your box may not be listed. You know….farming and all.

Garlic, zucchini/summer squash, sweet peppers both bell and the bull horn shaped ones called Carmen Sweets, cilantro or mint or some other herb but no basil this week ( can you believe it?) tomatoes, probably the little Roma’s and or the small saladette tomatoes, Asian Pears, they will need to ripen to a lighter green color, Eggplant, and our beautiful mixed beans. This I know, maybe some other stuff too.  Wow, what a run on sentence that was. Thanks everyone. We take Cody to University of Michigan tommorow!

Very important. Next week is labor day weekend. We will follow the same schedule as usual. See all the Okemos folks on Labor day Monday!!!!

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