Week #5 Already!

     It’s hard to believe that we are already into week #5. As most of you know from our complaints, this season has been particularly slow in coming. All the area farmers (and even a farm I follow in Vermont) have been concerned with how long it has taken for crops to yield. We are STILL in the green leafy stage waiting desperately for other more exciting crops to come in. In part the coolness of this summer and also the massive rain in June have slowed things way down. All we can do is wait and cultivate. Wow, that rhymes! 

In the boxes this week: Monday and Wednesday boxes differ this week due to some crops maturing at different times. Some things may appear in your box that aren’t listed; some listed thing may not appear in your box.

Growers Choice: Another mixed bag of lettuce and other greens

Leaf lettuce: Mostly the last of the green or red.

Onions: Baby onions for Monday box only

Greens: Either Kale or Swiss Chard. Both in Monday box.

Peas: Maybe….. probably just in Wednesday boxes. Next Monday will get peas.

Beets: Maybe…..

Herbs: A mixture of whats ready. Probably Curly Parsley and or Sage.

    That’s about it folks. Thanks for your patience.

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