Website Rebirth 2010

Hello All,

   The 2010 growing season has begun! On this chilly January day the kitchen table is covered in seed catalogs. The pictures of heirloom tomatoes, radishes, red butter crunch lettuce and summer squash delight the senses. The excitement and anticipation is high for this season; we growers all agree it can only be better than 2009 because it just can’t possibly be worse. History tells us good seasons follow bad seasons.

   Thanks to all who have inquired about the upcoming season. We are doing our brochure this week and hope to have it  in the mail by mid-February. Look for a few changes: We plan to begin the season a couple weeks early and possibly offer a extended season share running  from October to November with an every other week pickup for those two months.

  I also hope to do a much better job at communicating via this website than last years efforts. Please accept my apologizes. Life/farm gets in the way. But lots of folks really like the recipes and farm news.

   So look in your mailboxes over the next few weeks. We are planning on offering a few more shares for 2010 but it’s still best to commit early as we sold out shortly after the April 15 date.

                                Thanks again everyone for all your support

                                    Always, Pooh, Richard, Cody and Taylor

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