We get compost and drainage work begins.

Who would think that on January 10 it would be so nice outside that we would be spreading compost and digging trenches? Richard, Dustin and Adam worked their tails off today digging trenches inside and outside the greenhouse and laying drain tile ( while I took pictures and cooked all morning) in our most recent effort to try to move water away from the inside of the greenhouses. Every year (I know I’ve said this before) we lose a substantial amount of crops due to water. As the saying goes, “to little water will hurt you, too much water will kill you.” Also early this morning we got a load, 40 yards, of compost and as I write, in the dwindling hours of daylight, Richard is hauling tractor loads of compost into the greenhouse and some gardens. Who says farmers get their winter off! With hopes of another stellar January day we will try to do it all over again tomorrow. Another couple of greenhouses and we will have a run of tile on each greenhouse. yeah!!

Early morning compost delivery

 Early this morning before the ground got too soft he unloaded this pile of magic!

Loader #2 Notice the steam?

 He made it just before things started to soften up. Now it’s a race to get it all spread before the snow starts.


 The day got warmer…..oh my aching back!

Moving sod.....5" deep.

 T-shirts in January!! These guys are really working. Noone ever said farming was easy.

Close up

 You can almost smell the dirt and sod.

Finally the tile goes in.

After the tile goes in it gets covered with soil and a light layer of sand. Thanks you guys…you did great work! Are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Closing up the greenhouse in the evening.

Evening in hoophouse #1

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