We get a puppy!!!! And winter baking.

It wasn’t as if we all had been talking, planning and discussing getting a new puppy (which is odd because we plan and carefully calculate  much of our farm/family dealings) ; but clearly it had been brewing in our collective conscienceness as a family. Our beloved male Rhodesian Ridgeback Woodly has been gone now for almost 3 years and his ever faithful companion Layla still pines away for him. The time was right. I found myself on the highway early Sunday morning driving to Royal Oak to get this little guy.  We are all quite smitten. Looking forward to all our Owosso CSAers meeting him this spring.

Last week we seeded in the onions, leeks, snapdragon, lettuce, kale, swiss chard and early greenhouse tomatoes. They are up and growing in our chilly early spring greenhouse. I’ll post pics next week. Richard continues to work on putting down drain tile. He and Dustin laid down a couple runs on the greenhouse sides last week. They seem to be helping with directing the water away from the greenhouses. This recent snow will be a tell-all.

One of my great winter delights is baking all our own bread. It’s kind of a challenge once I start baking in November not to buy any bread until we get too busy in the spring/summer.  Thanks for your recent CSA  memberships. Helps with the seed orders and all this tile work. We still have lots of space left.

Look at that face!

After many days of brain storming names, some getting stranger and stranger we call him Ranger. See his beautiful mask? (Think Trigger)

We go to Ann Arbor over Presidents Day Weekend.

A beautiful sunny Sunday, we took Cody back to Ann Arbor and stopped to visit the Law Quad, the Natural History Museum and treated ourselves to dinner at Sevas. Yummy!

I love love love these buildings!

I am throughly enchanted by this place. I did not want to leave.

In the kitchen

My favorite part of my kichen.

Winter kitchen

The sun coming early in the morning. Bread anyone?

The Mighty Viking Mixer

 My 7 quart mixer. Makes 4 loafs of bread at a time.

Ready for the table

 I still do a fair amount of hand kneading.

A week worth of bread for the family

 Enjoy this last part of the winter everyone……spring is right around the cornor.


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