Two Bummers, puppy pictures and loads of seeding.

We did have a couple of bummer things happen this last week. We were notified from one of our main seed company, Johnny’s Selected Seeds that a carrot seed we ordered failed to pass a seed purity test. Seems the carrot seed also contained a noxious weed called Dodder, quite a nasty invasive weed. The situation became worst because we had already planted it… our greenhouse. Long story short we had to remove the seed and the surrounding dirt and destroy it all. One step forward another step back. By the end of the day the seed and dirt were out of the greenhouse, replaced with good soil and replanted with spinach. Then this weekend with the strong winds on Sunday night,  the poly on hoophouse #4 ripped and was pretty much destroyed. A surprise because the poly wasn’t that old in that house. May have been some flying object hit the plastic at just the right place. Once the plastic has a rip, with high winds the thing is a gonner.

In the meantime we have been busy seeding in the nursery greenhouse, playing with the puppy and planning this years crops. Thanks for the CSA memberships. Richard saw a Robin yesterday….spring is here!

Richard and Dustin clear out bad seed and soil

 Scoop by scoop careful not to spill any, the seed and soil get cleaned out.

Early seeds in the nursery greenhouse

 Leeks, onions, kale, Swiss chard, some early lettuce…tiny little hopes of spring.

Baby plants

 Early season work…..we will plant the warm crops next week.

Wind damage

 Mother Nature always has the last say.

A nice tidy slice down the top of the house

 Once you get a tear in the plastic the whole thing is trashed.

Look at that face!

 He slept in the greenhouse most of the day on Monday while I seeded.

Cody and puppy!!

Enjoy these warming days…….

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