Trees, garlic and kitchen work

Last weekend was the last farmers markets of the season. Now we are able to turn our attention to some projects we have been wanting to finish. As soon as things dry our we will start planting the 450 trees to complete the windrow restoration project. They arrived yesterday and look super healthy. Five varieties : Norway spruce, Austrian Pine, Balsam fir, Colorado Blue Spruce and Fraser Fir. We have almost 2000 feet double row to plant. Luckily extra help is all lined up. Richard and Paul have almost all the piles burned down and much of the ground prepped for the trees. On a rather impulsive  move I ordered another 100# of seed garlic (to arrive today). I mean really, can anyone have too much garlic in the ground in November? I don’t think so. Who knows, maybe we will get into the seed garlic business next fall. It is a beautiful hard neck with huge bulbs. This will make our third bed of garlic.

Our kitchen is going through its final stage of renovation with a couple new cabinets, a new back door (wait till you see it) new countertop and a cool natural stone backsplash. I will show some before and after pics soon. Happy Halloween everyone!!smoldering pile @ dawn

peppers @ last mrk

leeks at lasr mrk

tay w: jolie

the work of kitchen #1

the work of kitchen #2

halloween pumpkins

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  1. Love the cabinets and the overall look og the new kitchen. Tell herbie to be carefull with all that construction going on.
    Love uncle mice

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