The Work of Fall

We have been working on a wind row restoration project that our local NRC has lined up for us. We are actually a couple years behind in the completion of the project but should have it done by the end of the month. The 40′ brushy area that splits our two 40 acres has to be cleaned out and re-planted with pine,fir and spruce trees. We will have a little over 400 trees planted by the time we are all done. This week we have been burning the huge brush piles from the excavation work to ready the ground for planting. I ordered the trees today and plan on planting sometime in the next couple weeks. Much work has been done cleaning up the fields, pulling up the drip tape, dismantling the tomato fields and general clean up work. Also planting garlic. We sold/ distributed too much of our hard neck garlic so had to buy some more from an organic farmer in upstate NY. Beautiful huge cloves. Hopefully the soft neck will go in next week. Much kitten playing has been going on lately .burning piles #1

burning piles #3

fall woods

jolie in leapord blankie

planting garlic w: big sky

frost on beet leaves

farmhouse w: leaf

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