The Storm

We are finally on the other side of the 2014 polar vortex. It was very hard to keep this 100 year old farmhouse warm the past few days. We put space heaters in the basement and in the upstairs bathroom, left water dripping in all the sinks and covered all the west facing windows with blankets; looks pretty cheesy, reminds me of the old farmhouse we rented when we were college students.  It has been many years since we turned on our fuel oil furnace and our trusty wood stove was working way overtime to try to keep us all warm. Richard was up multiple times each night feeding the stove and checking the pipes. But we made it through and tomorrow Taylor will be back in school. We are seriously doing research on getting a real furnace in this house! I kept warm under blankets and knitted a cowl…a storm cowl. Here are some pics of the pond where we skated before it got too cold and a poster I finally got framed today.

Our PC is still down and so I haven’t been able to update the CSA membership form. If you are wanting to get a spot feel free to send me the form with your payment and just cross out 2013 and put in 2014. Everything else is staying the same for this season. Or by next week Ill have the updated form here. Thanks all!Grow food pic close

Grow food pic far

shoveling tho pond #1

shoveling the pond #2

Taylor laughing in snow

Jollie watching snow

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