The kitchen reveal…

Remodeling a kitchen is nothing as it appears on tv. (Duhhh) We do the HDTV thing in the winter….Hilary and David ….. Drew and Scott, I know them all. They make it appear so easy. Like it’s an either or thing. Only a couple of decisions and you are there. Let me tell you, remodeling your kitchen, being your our contractor and doing as much of the work yourself as you feel comfortable is an unspeakable amount of decisions. Decisions decisions decisions. Did you know that there are four different shades of tan electric plates for your light fixtures? Four different ones! (that my friend equals at least two or more trips to the hardware store.) At every turn you must make decisions and after awhile I got really good at it because so many times my initial gut decision was the one I  came back too. Look at 100+ color swatches….came back to the first color I liked. Studied, researched (research research research)  new stoves? Ended up with the one I wanted before the remodel even began. After many delays, (the butcher block counter top warped while waiting for our second builder to come….the first guy was a complete no-show.)  it’s been over a year, and we are done. old kitchen w: dogLong long time age…about 1992

SONY DSCLast year before the remodel began. My dishwasher named Helen.SONY DSC

new kitchen w: old pic

new kitchen #1new kitchen facing east #3

new kitchen :stove #4

new kitchen w: windows #2Better get cooking!!

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