The first CSA pick up is almost here!!

   The first CSA pick up is almost here! After months of planning, planting, cultivating and crunching numbers we are ready to begin the 2011 CSA season! Yeah!! What will be in your box this week? We are never completely sure but each Thursday PM I am going to plan to give you all an guided estimate of what may appear in your boxes so you might be able to plan your weekly menu.  In your boxes this week should be: Leaf lettuce, Carrots, Garlic scapes (more on what that is later) Kale/chard mix and fresh herbs…basil and oregano most likely. Possibly some scallion onions if they are ready. Just briefly, garlic scapes are the flower that shoots from the garlic plant. You use it in recipes like you would a scallion only they have a lovely gentle garlic flavor,a delicacy for some chefs. We use them in stir fry, scrambled eggs…any where a little garlic flavor will compliment the dish. Keep them in the fridge and use then up within the week. Use the whole scape, flower and all. The Kale/chard mix has many uses. I’ll try to post a recipe this week.

   This last week has been a planting frenzy as the full crew has been here. As quickly as the flat of plants could be pulled from the greenhouse we were planting and more were set up behind them. It got pretty crazy out here for a while. Then we have a lovely little break while family visited on Wednesday and some much needed rain on Thursday. (I know, wasn’t I complaining about too much rain just a bit ago?)

Looking forward to seeing/ meeting everyone this week. The first couple weeks inevitably have glitches here and there. Please let me know if you have any problems with pick up site or box issues. There will be a box waiting for you at the site you choose on your membership form. Please remember to bring your box back with you next week in exchange for a full box or better yet, don’t even bother with the box thing and bring bags to put your veggies in and leave the box with us.

Heirloom leaf lettuce
Gentle turning garlic scape
Peas at the Field of Dreams
The crew!!
Cousins!!! Yeah!!

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