The December Photo Project

I heard about this last year, where you post a picture on your face book or blog every day for the first 25 days in December; but it seemed too intimidating to tackle. This year I’m going to try it. One blog site I adore thought it a great way to jump-start your creativity especially during these dark gloomy winter days. Also a place to stop, slow down and really look at things especially as the days gear up to the frenetic pace of the holidays. For me, maybe, a way to discipline myself. I’m such a lame occasional blogger and I’d really like to me more consistent. So here I go. I’ll try to be here every day. I may post some fun summer pictures as well as winter farm pics. Hope some of you will join me.

December 1 2012 All is quiet on the farm.



Richard walking the fields. December 1 2012


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