With days like the last two, it really feels like spring has finally arrived. Richard moved all the bales of straw around the foundation of the house, which we use for insulation, and set them to the ready position in front  of the greenhouses. We planted kale and everlasting spinach in hoop house #5 this week as well as snapdragons and sunflowers in another house. Planted round #3 of lettuce, #2 of kale and started on the field tomatoes. Next week will be a huge week as we plan on putting in the lisianthus. This weekend we also hung out the first load of laundry on the line! Thanks for all the CSA checks coming in…still have room.spring sky #2

spring sky #1

quonset grnhse filling up in april

deck in early spring

photo challenge rule of thirds

open cold frames

easter bunnies

selfie w: new nerd glasses

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