So Cold!!!!!

When is this winter ever going to end?? We are seeing germination in the greenhouses but everything is growing very slowly with the lack of sunshine, and I hate all this propane we are having to use to keep these houses warm. On the bright side I do love a slow spring because I adore all the blooming flowers that usher in the spring but this is a little too slow. This weekend looks to be a little warmer…In the meantime I’ve put on hold planting some of the next set of flower seeds until the weather breaks a little and some of the veggies will have to wait too.

  Thank God St. Patrick’s Day is done for the year; I did 7 sets of music in one day at two different bars the first one starting at 8:00AM (really)! I’m done with people running around in little green hats perched precariously on their heads. I love the real music…the other stuff not so.Chick salt and pepper shakers

I know it hardly looks like spring outside but I couldn’t  help bring out my spring salt and pepper shakers. I have more seasonal salt and pepper shakers than I would like to admit. These though are my leaves

kitchen leaves

brave souls

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