Snow. Looking for help on the farm

snowy greenhouses in April

   Wow, how rude! Snow in mid-April. Little flakes that are sticking to the ground. Our poor Kale plants. (We put tiny little coats on them before dark last night.) Oh my achin propane bill. Alright, enough of that.

   We continue to transplant like mad in the greenhouses, also seeding in more lettuce, kale, Swiss chard and basil seeds. The tomatoes we put into greenhouse #4 are still alive though not growing much with the cold and cloudy days. I’m still glad we got them in early.

Looking for help.

    We are looking for some more workers on the farm this summer. We figure we need a couple people, a couple days a week. If anyone knows of someone needing a summer job. Prior agriculture help would be nice but not a must. Must be willing to work hard in all weather conditions and be able to work through the end of  September. Last year we lost too many people in mid-August just when the harvest started coming. Call our e-mail if you are interested. Lots of work but lots of fun.

We haven’t reached out limit yet in this years CSA so shares are still available. Membership forms are here on the website.

snow daffidils
Baby kale plants in the snow!
Carmen lisianthus August 2010 to help on this snowy day
Remembering summer lisianthus

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