Snow in April

Still loads of really cold, dreary weather this week. We need a week of warm, breezy days to dry the farm out. This snow seems like a real insult these days.snow in april #1 snow in april #2

Transplanted lots of flowers and tomatoes this weekend. Seeded more of the initial flowers that failed so miserably.  Seeded in the third round of lettuce, this time for outside production. The plants in the greenhouse look small for this time of the year…hopefully with some warm weather they will catch up. Only three weeks and we will be at the Meridian Farmers Market. Probably won’t have much produce but we will have plants for sure, especially cool crops like kale, lettuce,spinach,broccoli and some patio tomatoes!!tomatoes in a bowl#1 tomatoes in a bowl #2

We bought these beauties at the local grocery store….they were so beautiful I had to take some pics of them. Can’t wait to be harvesting our own .

Oh my, my website got updated and now I have another learning curve. Not too bad but I tend to figure out one way of doing things and always do them the same way. I’m not sure how to add  captions to the pics. Oh well, I’ll figure it out one way or the other. Soon I hope to link my flickr account to the blog. Until then if you look up owosso organics at flickr you can see some pics of the farm ect. many already appeared on the blog but lots of new ones.

Thanks again for the CSA memberships. Many are coming in since I sent out the brochures. We still have room!!me with camera 4-13

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