Thousands of seeds have been planted this week; so many that we are busting out of our nursery greenhouse in record time. It makes me worried that we will reach max space with too much of the nursery production season left. I have tried so many new flower varieties and we are doing some custom growing for a couple of local growers. We are kicking ourselves because we had plans to build a larger nursery house but so many other more pressing things took precedence . Oh well…Richard keeps telling me not to worry that we will find nice warm homes for all the baby plants. We are planting in the hoop houses tomorrow and will be madly seeding for the foreseeable future. Hello Spring!!All full

The planting table

In my kitchen March 2013

Dinner #1

Dinner #2

Dinner #3

Thanks folks. We still have room in our CSA for this season. Enjoy this spring!

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