Seeding in the Nursery Greenhouse

I haven’t blogged in a bit because the dog ate my power chord (really) and I was too stubborn to buy another one for a few days until I stopped fuming. Now, a new chord , a new home placed high on my desk and some pics of our recent activity.

Seeds are up in the nursery greenhouse kale, lettuce, basil, snapdragons. The last couple days have been great growing days with sunshine all day we can turn the propane heater off  and just heat at night. Woohooo!! I think I am caught up with e-mail questions about the CSA. If for some reason I haven’t returned your e-mail please e-mail me again. (Sorry!) Thank you to all who have sent in your membership forms. I am sending out 2014 brochures to all former CSA  members this weekend. (Thought I would wait until it kind-of-sort-of seemed like spring). Happy Spring everyone!!first Kale seedling

nursery greenhouse March 2014

HMS seed catalog in greenhse

Ranger w: sun

frozen seed starter

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