Seeding…. 2015 season


We have been seeding in the greenhouse but bring the trays in the house to germinate, put on heat mats and place the trays under a light table we have in the kitchen and middle room; onions, leeks, early flowers, long-day hot peppers… It’s too cold to fire up the nursery greenhouse yet though it looks like next week the temps will be moderating. It’s messy having all this in the house but very short lived.

There are just a few more seed orders to call in and most every day the UPS driver knocks on the door. We have lots of plans for the summer: trying our hand at grafting tomatoes (though we sprang the big bucks and ordered a tray of organic grafted tomatoes from Johnny’s Selected Seeds just in case) new cherry tomatoes, kale, flower varieties. We are going to try paper mulch on “Big Blue” our plastic laying machine, checking out installing solar panels on the big barn…

I’m now on Instagram!!!! so if you want to check out my iPhone pics look up Pooh_Stevenson.  You can find the farm on Facebook by searching Pooh Stevenson Owosso Organics.


firewood to greenhouse

winter out the back door

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