Seed Order 2013

     I haven’t seen the top of the kitchen table for over a week; every inch of it is covered with seed catalogs, lists and orders. It’s time to order seeds!   As certified organic farmers we must source our seeds organically; sometimes being 2 or 3 times expensive as their commercial counterpart. We feel compelled to do our due diligence trying to find it organically and at the best price we can. No two catalogs are the same in how they merchandise their seeds. Some by the seed count, some by weight so we always have our calculators close at hand. I think we are almost finished. I’ve gone absolutely hog wild for my flower order. I usually stick to some pretty tried and true flowers but this year I’m trying many, many new varieties . It should be a very exciting flower season. By the way, check out our new wedding flower page. Thanks to all who have sent us your CSA membership forms. We will begin seeding in a couple weeks. Lets hope for a glorious spring. Empty nursery greenhouse

Seed order

Sleeping pups @ 8 weeks

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