It rained and rained today. Then it let up for an hour or so then the sky got dark and it poured for almost an hour.It’s official, we are flooded here. There are a few inches of rain on the floor or the Quonset greenhouse we have to tromp through to move plants from the germination house to the Quonset. Small lakes dot the farm. It is the Achilles  heal of the operation,with our clay soil, it will be awhile until we dry out. It’s okay…I’m not panicking yet…still too early to panic. Richard set up the pumps to try to move the water off the fields. Meanwhile we continue to plant in the hoop houses (700 lettuce plants and 300 Kale plants…beets, radish, carrots and spinach) and seed in the nursery/germination house. rainy window

Some years we have had to wait an excruciatingly long time to start planting out in the fields with plants ready to go and no where to plant them. Hopefully we will see some nice warm breezy days to help dry things out.

So far we seem to have gotten the edge on the mice in the greenhouse. Either that or by covering up the most vulnerable trays we have discouraged them. My initial round of flowers seeding was none too successful and just today finished replanting many of the more unusual varieties. Some of the bar trays had less than 4% germination. Arggggg.

back forty


I love this little part of my office

We would love to get a few more shares from the Memorial Hospital folks. If anyone has any questions just give me a call.kale plants

greenhse ready

Hope everyone stays dry until these rains come to an end.

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