Rain Rain Go Away

    Rain rain go away. Come back in say mid-August. It’s getting to the ridiculous point with all this rain. We are behind, no doubt about that. The greenhouses and cold frames are loaded to the top with no place to go, like dancers on a dance floor with no music. Like a Loar mandolin in your hands and nothing but a thin fender pick to play it with. Like guacamole with no chips. OK, I’ll stop there.

We did manage to put in 800 onion plants in the field of dreams on Monday though I’m worried they will do nothing but rot. I felt bad sticking these beautiful healthy plants into holes seeping with too much water. I guess my number were a little off when I ordered the plants because we have loads (I mean loads) of onion plants. Hopefully we will find dry ground to put them in soon.

Saturday May 7 is the first market day at Meridian. We will have lots of plants for sale, also maybe some greens and radishes. We still have space in our CSA. Tell you neighbors, tell your friends, tell you neighbor’s friends.

Water water every where
Hoophouse #2. Notice the standing water
Hoophouse #3. More standing water
All dressed up and nowhere to go
Garlic is up in the scary garden
Spinach from the hoophouse
Fun on Easter

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