Projections for Box#2

    Lettuce will again anchor the boxes for week #2; everyone will get a nice bag of leaf lettuce.  Premium share will also get a bag of growers choice salad mix. The herbs are really kicking so look for a nice bunch of herbs; oregano, basil… We are also planning on having some baby onions in the boxes. These last few weeks of June and into July are kind of weird because we are done with spring crops but summer crops are yet to mature especially delayed with all the rain we continue to get so the boxes are a little slim until the summer crops kick in.

  I had a brilliant idea at 2:00AM this morning when I couldn’t sleep. Instead of all the self-loathing thoughts I usually have at that hour, I realized that we should restructure the CSA a little. Begin in May with a spring CSA of approximately 8-9 weeks. Take a 1or 2 week break and start a summer CSA when those crops are kicking in thus alleviating the dirge of crops we always have at this time right when CSA is starting. Just a thought. We will mull all this over this winter. Anyways, thanks to all. Enjoy the veggies.

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