Planting seeds like crazy.

Straw by the greenhouses

      Over the week we must have planted a few thousand seeds in the nursery greenhouse. All the sweet and hot peppers, herbs, many, many different flowers, second planting of lettuces and more. We also bought a few hundred bales of straw from our neighbors Bob and Barbie. They wanted to clean out their…..

Fun with bales of straw. Straw playhouse

 barns and we bought all they had; straw on hand is like money in the bank. We use it lots  for mulching and this year we are going to plant our potatoes and heavily mulch them rather than burying them deep in this clay soil where they have a hard time setting potatoes.

    We have moved all the cold tolerant seedlings to the Quonset greenhouse. We won’t heat it until we need to.

Here is a picture of our friend and farmhand Dustin. This is his second year with us on the farm. He is seeding is trays of lettuce and Chard. We are still looking for more help on the farm this summer. Must be able to work May- end of September. Thanks for all the CSA shares sent in.

Greenhouse planting chart
Dustin our gallant farmhand

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