Planting on Valentines Day.


2011 seeds

A slight change in the air. You can hear the birds in the morning, the days are longer and the sun has finally decided to shine. Even though it may seem a long time until spring, in the greenhouse early spring has arrived. Once we pass February 1 there is enough sunshine and day length for plants to begin growing in the greenhouse. We spent Valentines Day planting in hoophouse #1: lettuce, spicy greens, radish, beets, turnips,spinach and cilantro. The sun was out and we were down to our t-shirts.

Preparing to plant hoophouse #1
Hoophouse #1 all planted

 The seeds arrived. Here are 90% of our seeds in two boxes. (Not including the potatoes, onions and other non-seed starts). The entire growing season on two chairs in the kitchen. Wow!! That’s hard to believe.

  I hope to get the brochures out in the next few weeks. For those who want to commit early, see the membership form on the website. thanks all!!

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