Planting and a big interview

Full nursery greenhouse

   I was interviewed by a writer at the Vegetarian Times!! His name is Elliot Prag. He is doing a small piece on Japanese eggplant and found our farm from We talked for about 45 minutes. The piece is going to run in October and he will list our name and website. (Really this is exciting stuff when it interrupts the work of planting 500 lettuce plants in the greenhouse.)

     We are so glad we didn’t get the rain everyone was predicting for earlier this week. Like a drug addict looking for his next fix (OK, I know that’s a little strong) we search every day for what little dry ground we can come up with on the farm. We are still waiting for thing to dry out so we can begin the drain tile work. (Catch the irony) Sunday and Monday we were able to find ground both in the greenhouse and outside to put in not only the lettuce but four different kinds of kale, snap peas, Swiss chard and spinach. We even put in a row of tomatoes in greenhouse #4. I know, it’s scandalously early. The plants were pretty small. But it was dry ground. I felt like a mother sending her barely 3 year old to pre school telling the teacher “yes, yes, she’s potty trained.”

To all: we still have space in our CSA even though the deadline in fast approaching! Thanks to all who have sent in you forms. Hooray for old friends who visit.

Baby tomatoes
Early Tomatoes in Greenhouse #4
Kale and peas in the field of dreams

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