Planned Week #4

Today was the first day for us at the East Lansing Farmers Market. Even though we didn’t have much produce to sell we had a great time meeting with our customers we haven’t seem since last summer. It’s a wonderful market; lots of room for shoppers, easy parking and it is a growers only market so you are assured that what you buy at the market is grown by the farmer tending the stall. Be sure to check us out there. The market is located at Valley Court Park behind Peoples Church. It runs Sundays until the end of October, 10:00-2:00. Come say hi.

Adding the market is a little like going from juggling 6 balls to juggling 8. Sorry for the delay in this blog. Anyways…..planned in your boxes this week is: More fresh basil. I’ll include some recipes this week. Remember you can keep your basil fresh all week by putting the ends in a jar with water like you would a flower bouquet. Lasts really long. Also if you are tired of using it fresh you can hang the bunch upside down out of direct sunlight until dried, crumble it up a seal in a glass jar for winter use. Garlic, we plan to start to harvest this week. Let it dry for a few days before you start to use it. Onions, we hope. They are almost ready to harvest. A green, either kale or chard, we were hoping for lettuce but this heat is really doing a number on the lettuce patch. Maybe summer squash, it’s ready to pop. We are still in this place after spring crops but before summer crops. We are hoping for rain, it’s been almost 4 weeks since we’ve had any rain. Thanks for you patience while we wait for the main harvest to come in.

For Monday folks: I am taking a one day photography class this Monday July 11 . It starts at 6:30. If you can come by 5:45, I can zoom back to Owosso and make it to the class on time. I can leave your box in the corner of the pavilion but I’d prefer we make prior arrangements. I’ll call anyone by, like 5:30 to see if we can work this out. Thanks.

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