Ordering Seeds




The potatoes are ordered and the Lisianthus are all set. We have been working in earnest for a little while to get the rest of the veggies and flower seeds ordered. As a certified organic farmer we have an obligation to source organic seeds and sometime this can be a challenge. We have our go-to seed companies but they don’t always have the exact seed variety we want so we got searching. Needless to say this is how my kitchen table has looked for a few weeks.  It’s rather a fun time of the year filled with so many possibilities! We found out this weekend that a friend and former employee will be returning to work on the farm this summer (Yeah!) and are currently building a crew.

We have been talking to loads of folks about the CSA and hope to offer more shares for the 2015 season. The membership form is here on the website. Just copy the form, fill it out and mail it to the farm with your payment. Here are some pictures I have been playing with.

SONY DSCa pic from last spring


a rester!!

20140903-IMG_6265rudbeckia in the rain

20150120-IMG_7500farmhouse in winter

20150126-IMG_7524corner of my office

20150126-IMG_7519me and John…20150107-IMG_7347in the kitchen

SONY DSCverbena at sunset

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