Our days have slowed down considerably and we are enjoying some must needed rest and time. We finished with the farmers markets the last weekend in October and went directly into planting the garlic and started cleaning up of the fields. The weather was perfect for most all of the week and with the help of some of our super workers, were able to plant the garlic and begin some of the major clean up work. When the weather turned colder we turned inside and cleaned the house, (I mean really cleaned the house) changed around the furniture (my favorite) and took a few car loads of stuff the the goodwill. There is lots more to do but we can time our work around the nicer weather days. It feels very good and satisfying to come to the end of the season. I’d tried not to be too ecstatic at the farmers markets last weekend when we said goodbye to all our market friends. We will miss you.

For anyone who wants to follow us more closely you can like us on Facebook but remember to like PatriciaStevenson Owossoorganics  as that is where my posts show up. I’m taking and posting my pics almost daily so it’s a good place to see what is happening on the farm. Here is what I saw with my camera:IMG_6863








planting garlic w: big sky

This last pic is from the 2013 garlic plant. One of my favorite images from 2013…

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