Market starts on Saturday

 The Meridian Farmers Market starts on Saturday!! Come on down. We will have loads of plants, some spring greens, radishes, maybe a little spinach. In celebration of Mother’s Day weekend I’m going to play with flowers on Friday and make some arrangements I learned from my floral design class for the market.

     It suddenly feels like after juggling three balls in the air for months now we’ve been inexplicitly thrown two more balls to add to the confusion. The good news is we continue to dry out and hopefully tomorrow before the rains come on Friday we can get some plants and seeds in the ground. Every time we walk around the farm and find a dry patch of the fields I  announce in my Russel voice speaking to Mr. Fredrickson, “but it’s dry ground” (i.e but it’s a talking dog). Oh well…too much fun sometimes.

 The tragedy of the leeks. We have always started our leek plants from seed. When it’s time to plant in the field I always feel sheepish because it states “plant leeks when they are pencil thin.” Well our plants, no matter how early we are able to start them are more the size of those thin little coffee stirrer things. So last winter we decided to ordered seeds from Johnny’s. Well we were informed last week that there was a complete crop failure (something about 106 degrees in  Georgia in April was a really bad thing). We scrambled and put some seeds in flats in the greenhouse but we’re about a month late. So if we are lucky we may get some leeks really late in the season. Next year I think we’ll plan on the tiny leek seedlings.

Two row planter all ready to go.
Look close. A tiny baby killdeer in the scary garden
Look see.....dry ground!!
Really happy tomatoes
I can almost taste them, well almost.
Garlic continues to grow!

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