Hot Hot Hot!

We are quitting at 3:00 today because of the heat. Looks to have little relief until the end of the week. Have I mentioned how much I hate the heat?!? The rain has missed us to the north which is a bummer. We continue to water every day; good thing so much of the farm is set up with the drip tape.

The crops are ready to bust like a pimple. (Sorry, that’s all I could think of.) Tomatoes are finally turning in the greenhouse and we are coaching along the zucchinis, the beans are flowering and baby cucumbers are forming on the vine.  Soon we will be swimming in all this produce.

In your boxes this week: Leaf lettuce, maybe the last for a few weeks if this heat continues. Fresh basil, kale, garlic, tomatoes, they may be a little under ripe. Let them sit on your kitchen table for a few days and they will turn red. Shallots! A new item for us. We just harvested it today. I’ll try to do a recipe this week. Coming up will be zucchini, beans,  more tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant. Whew! The harvest is coming in.

Harvesting shallots

The first of the tomatoes from the hoophouse are just starting to come in.


Some of the tomatoes you get at first may not be completly ripe. They will soon turn a beautiful red.

My Bro!

My brother is visiting from Colorado. He has been harvesting/ weeding along side us all week. A most excellent human being.

Creative heat relief

Richard came up with the creative way to help with the punishing heat. Dustin and Brian move the shade  as the weed the cucumbers

Harvesting the garlic

Many hands make quick work. We plug away at the garlic harvest. Marley the crime fighting dog on the right.


Now we sort and dry the shallots. They have an intense sweet onion flavor!

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