Heartbreaking weekend

   We got too much rain this weekend. What seemed like a manageable amount on Friday as we loaded the truck for market suddenly turned ugly by Saturday morning into the afternoon. It was a cold rainy miserable day at market (with a few bright surprises.) When all was said and done, the rain gauge read 3 inches of rain, too much for our clay soil/ poorly draining  farm. And did anyone hear the weather man say anything about this much rain? We were busy but we always keep half an eye to the weather man. At times like these the weather man have the same status as oh, say heroin dealers at our house. Oh yea, did I mention the freeze warning for tonight? Three inches of rain and a freeze warning? Our boots were muddy up to our ankles as we tried to cover as much as we could this evening.  At this point we just have to wait and asses the damage. At times like this a nice desk job sounds very tempting. Anyone looking to hire? I have a BA in English.

  On a much lighter note three college friends who I hadn’t seen in 25 years came to the market and surprised me with a visit. It was so nice to see them. (see pic below) They were all so beautiful. It’s very nice to see how little (in our hearts at least) we have all changes.  Wow, we were pretty wild back then.

ahhh lilacs
At the market. Seed potatoes!
3 inches of rain. A real bummer
Really, really wet fields with covers on plants
Old college friends freaking me out at the market!

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