Grafting Tomatoes

Owosso Organics Grafting Chamber
Owosso Organics Grafting Chamber

     One of the things we are trying this year on the farm is grafting tomatoes. Lots of research, especially out of Cornell University shows that grafted tomatoes are much higher yielding and grafting helps control the foliage growth which is especially important in the greenhouse. We will plant some in the greenhouse but we thought we may trial some in the field and see how they do. We started about 200 rootstock plants in February and we are doing the grafting today. It’s really important to provide a very warm, very humid healing chamber for four or five days after grafting, so Richard built this out of scrap materials from the cooler project.

   The nursery greenhouse is almost full! We will move into the Quonset greenhouse (30’x45′) in a couple weeks. It is amazing how fast things move along once the earth warms up.

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