Graduation Weekend

   The rains continue to keep us out of the fields. In fact it has been 17 days since we have been able to plant anything which means that we will have a definite dirge of produce come late June/ early July. It seems impossible to be able to start the CSA when we originally planned. We are trying to figure a new start date. I will e-mail everyone of the changes and you can always check the website.  We were able to plant the lisianthus house, some small fields here and there but the main planting has yet to begin. In our 10 years in CSA we have never experienced anything like this spring. I told a friend of mine that it was a fluid and dynamic spring, figuratively and literally. I’ve decided that my next career (in this life or next) will be a weather-neutral carrier; where 9″ of rain in 35 days will mean nothing more than perhaps the purchase of a new umbrella.

  Big week. Graduation!!  Richard and our dear dear friend Paul spent the entire 90″+ day today on lawn mowers sprucing the place up for company this week.  Graduation is Thursday night. We are all excited with anticipation of loads of family coming from Florida, Colorado and Michigan.

Radishes at Memorial Day Market
Lisianthus house all planted
You could not ask for a better friend.
Two friends working in the heat.
Little fields planted

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