For today in May…

So much work has been happening on the farm this last week. We literally tucked in thousands of baby plants with the hope that the last of the cold weather is behind us. The flower garden is all planted, an early record which means hopefully flower shares can start earlier. Many, many tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers got planted Thursday and Friday thanks to our great crew.  This week we hope to get in the first zucchini and summer squash plantings as well as cucumbers and beans. Whew…makes me tired just writing this!!

For clarification CSA pick up begins Monday May 25 (like tomorrow!) and pick up time is between 5-6  either at the farm or our Okemos/ East Lansing site 5151 Marsh rd. site of the Meridian Farmers Market. I know this is short notice and it is Memorial Day so let me know via text of phone call if there is a problem.  Thanks. Here are some pics I snapped this last week.IMG_8824







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