First of Spring

We are crazy into spring and having filled the nursery greenhouse, have moved into the quonset greenhouse and close to filling that up! This week we have seeded 3000+ cabbage (4 varieties) 2000 broccoli, second round of lettuce 1200, many sweet peppers and I even snuck in some new flowers that will make my heart swoon if I can get them to grow and bloom.

Thank you, thank you to all our CSA members who have already sent in your membership. I am mailing out brochures this week. After much discussion we have decided we are ready to enlarge our membership and in that effort I plan to send everyone a couple brochures if you feel so included to pass them on to someone who might be interested in our CSA. A couple factors have gone into this decision. First we think we can handle the extra production; after all these years of record keeping and skill building it seem like the right time to do this. Second, though the East Lansing Farmers Market is a great, growing market for us The Meridian Farmers Market sales have flatted and even diminished over the last few years. Mainly this has to do with the market managements decision of adding so many new vendors while not addressing the issue of its limited parking availability. Way more vendors, same amount of foot traffic = less in sales, a phenomena that has plagued many farmers markets over the last few years with the rapid growth of farmers markets. So in an effort to keep the farm in a healthy financial place we will be offering more shares. So let your friends know!!

This early spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the pre-green state of the fields and gardens. Here is a look around the farm today.IMG_7857












4 thoughts on “First of Spring”

  1. I read your post and thought of this poem – a favorite

    “To be of the Earth is to know
    the restlessness of being a seed
    the darkness of being planted
    the struggle toward the light
    the pain of growth into the light
    the joy of bursting and bearing fruit
    the love of being food for someone
    the scattering of your seeds
    the decay of the seasons
    the mystery of death and
    the miracle of birth.”

    ? John Soos

    love and miss you – off to Panama i a week…

  2. Hi there! We’ve been looking at buying a share for a while but haven’t been in the financial position yet, so we shop the markets when we can. I just thought of something that I honestly don’t know if it would even work but wanted to mention it anyways. Maybe you could have a per box price as well, so people could buy any ‘extra’ boxes that weren’t picked up or spoken for? Just a week by week thing people could ask about? Just a thought. 🙂

  3. Hey Brittany, I’m not sure if that would work as most folks do pick up their box. I can do a payment plan thing where maybe you pay half up front and the balance midway through the season?

  4. So nice..thanks Shane. So glad you are going on the trip for spring break. Love you and miss you.

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