First CSA pick-up is week of June 20!!!

    It is finally time to plant. We have been working like mad all week with a full crew (Dustin, Brian and Spencer) in the soaring heat to put in the ground as much as we possibly can: 800 peppers+, 600+ hot peppers, 300+ tomatoes, 200 purple cabbage, another couple hundred lettuce plants, winter squash, flowers and more. It was so hot on Tuesday we called it quits early. We cumulatively went through a 5 gallon car boy of water by the end of the day. Whew, it was hot. Today, what a difference. A welcome relief.

After much discussion we have decided to delay the first CSA pick by one week. The first CSA pick-up will be the week of June 20. The only caveat is that we may have to skip a week somewhere in order to catch up from the weeks we couldn’t get in the field. I will contact everyone via e-mail if and when this happens. Also I will e-mail everyone in the next couple days to tell you of the first start date. Remember, you can always check out the website. No pictures today. My laptop died and I’m working from our PC and I have yet another learning curve to figure out. Life is good.

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