Finding our rhythm

Nice sunny semi-warm day on the farm today. Lots of transplanting work and some seeding. We are finding our rhythm  for this spring time work. So nice this time of the year when you can actually finish all the items on you to-do list. That won’t last long. Still too wet to even consider planting outside but we did do some drying out today. (Did I really see rain in the forecast this week? 🙁 SONY DSC

We will plant the next round of lettuce in the greenhouse this week, as long as things are dry enough. Also more Kale. The spinach we planted two weeks ago is finally starting the germinate but nothing yet on the carrots, except the tiny weeds that grow before the carrots. Also this week hope to get in the lisianthus and some other fun flowers we are trying out in the greenhouse. If the tomato house was dry we would put in the tomatoes but that house is quite flooded.SONY DSC

My we love  our vanity plates! Thanks for the CSA memberships coming in. Here is a bouquet to get those flower shares coming in. Jim Spring and I are playing music at the Serene Bean in Owosso on South Washington St. on Wednesday 4-17 from 7:00- 8:30ish. We just kind of crash the place and play some tunes. The owner is really nice. Come out if you can.SONY DSC

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