Finding my way back to blog. Week #17

So sorry for the long absence in blogging. September has really been crazy with handling the markets/ CSA and all. We have been so busy gathering all that can be harvested before the cold weather hits; the cooler has been converted into a ripening room as lugs are stacked on top of each other with soon ripening tomatoes, the garlic is weighted and waiting to be split and planted. Long gone are the summer squash that were so abundant in August, the vines are brown and dead in the gardens. The sweet peppers have seen their last days and juicy crisp cucumbers are a distant memory. (OK I know that’s cliche but seemed appropriate nonetheless.) We are in “deep fall.” The sun seems so low in the sky even at noon. We leave for the farmers market in the dark and it doesn’t get light until the first customers come in the doors. And we are in our penultimate week of CSA. (the one before the last one. I learned this word, one of my favorites, in my music theory class at MSU where attention is often  brought the penultimate  measure, the one before the last as that is where the cadence is.) In other works, this is week # 17, one week to go.  No growers choice salad mix this week.  Hopefully next week, there will be a nice mix. It just didn’t grow much this week. In your boxes should be: Winter squash. Acorn, butternut, sweet dumpling in some combination. Garlic, onions, tomatoes, curly parsley, possibly kale, green tomatoes, if you didn’t get them this week you will next week. You can do the fried green tomato thing or set them on a window sill, away from direct light and they will ripen. And hot peppers.

Below see some pictures of some really cool pumpkins. We didn’t grow them but got them from a farmer friend of ours and are selling them at the Meridian Market on Saturdays for the rest of October. Notice the huge handles. He has spent most of ten years cross breeding these pumpkins with varies types of winter squash  to achieve this stunning results. They are huge and can be carved for Halloween or baked for pies. Also they have a really long shelf life. And, as always. non-GMO. Come see us at Meridian. Saturdays 8:00AM-2:ooPM.

Farm house in the fall

There were hundreds of ravens in this tree by the house making a real racket!  A sign of fall

Ravens in the tree

Suddenly it gets very quiet and thousands of wings take flight…

Amazing pumpkins!!

Lots of different colors and sizes. Some of them we call the Harry Potter pumpkin. Remember Buckbeek?

All in their splendid glory

Come see us at the Meridian Market for the rest of the month we will have these beauties

Standard share week #15

Standard share in late September

Lizzie house in October

Where once there were lisianthus, now a late planting of lettuce, spinach, beets and spicy mix

Halloween kitty

Happy early Halloween everyone!!

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