Field of Dreams

All of our fields/gardens have names. The Trailer garden- used to have a small travel trailer parked next to it, the north and south hoop house gardens- located by hoop houses #1, #2 and #3, the spelt garden where years ago we got a huge load of spelt dust to augment our chicken food when organic chicken feed was hard to come by and we ended up applying it to the soil because the chickens wouldn’t eat it, the flower garden- that’s self explanatory, the chicken coop garden- just off from the hen house, the scary garden (really!) – the largest  field, and the Field of Dreams- mainly because it is our lightest, best soil and often the first major field we can plant. This year was no exception. Today….405 Brussel Sprout plants, 450 broccoli (first planting) 425 red cabbage, 215 green cabbage (oops why didn’t we fit in more green cabbage?) 100 kale plants and 115 Swiss Chard. Still 4 or so more rows to go but that will be another planting in Field of Dreams in May

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