February 5

Been busy doing the seed order; the kitchen table is covered with seed catalogs and sticky notes to remind us of our favorites and what not to forget. The pups are going outside at our insistence and doing a pretty good job with beginning house training.  We said goodbye to the first pup today, Big Sandy. It was very hard. He will be in TC for a year then live most of his life in Laos.

I’ve been playing with my camera a lot  lately and managed to completely mess up my settings until I found my way back to something recognizable. I’m taking an online photo class and shooting everything in manual mode. (oh my)

We are just weeks away from putting the first seeds in the greenhouse. CSA sign-up is going good. Thanks to all who have sign-up already. We are super-excited about some new veggies this season. Here are some recent pics.Butter dish in b+w

kitchen in b+w

fun with aperture

Hot peppers

a pile of puppies

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