Farm update

    It was a beautiful sunny day at the market this week with tons of plants and product and very few bodies in which to purchase them; most were at the East Lansing Art fair which is where I was with the kids on Sunday. So we sleapted loads of trays of plants into the market and loads of plants back to the farm at the end of the day.(Even my adorable little baby bouquets didn’t sell. But I got to donate them to the post prom party which made me immensely happy.)  This weekend, Memorial Day weekend,  is the traditional weekend for folks to plant their gardens so hopefully we will have lots of plant sales. Come see us!

Big birthday this last week…see picture below.

   It is likely that we will have to start the CSA later than originally planned (original plan being the second week in June). Nothing set in stone yet, we will keep members informed as we get close.  We got more rain this week, the bad news, the good news (remember I’m trying to be more positive, not taking this so seriously) is that compared to Joplin Missouri we have nothing to complain about; nothing a little re-scheduling won’t fix. It will eventually dry out, it has to, really.

At the market waiting for the customers. Dustin my helper
Plants plants and more plants.
How could anyone pass these little beauties?
Beautiful big tomato plants for your patio!
Big big birthday.

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