In my minds eye my life is filled with lots of very cool stuff , especially this time of the year. With the beginning of the season upon us and all this greenhouse work to be done I’m really loving this part of the season: the first green shoots of early peppers, lettuce, flowers and tomatoes in the nursery greenhouse. The season  is filled with limitless possibilities. (Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for all the new flower varieties we are trying this year?) I think of my life being filled with meaningful work, (so many  nice comments from returning CSA members on how happy they are for the upcoming season.) work that is done with family near by, time for music, reading and of course blogging from time to time.

In reality my life is filled with errands, ceaseless, never ending, often mundane errands. In part because I make a decision recently to be proactive in the errand department. So when we are low on printer ink (like before we are completely out of cyan and I have brochures that I needed yesterday) I put it on my list of errands. So really I don’t have any more errands than usual, just a seemingly larger concentration of them that seem to gather like a waves after a storm. Oh well, I suppose that’s life. Anyone else feel like their life is controlled by errands?

Seeding is continuing in earnest this week despite the cold weather. Our second planting of lettuce seeds has started, greenhouse cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage…. etc

Here are some thing I saw when I looked around the farmA weeping pussy willow tree

In my kitchen


almost done


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