End of season/ Fall on the farm

My apologizes for not being present on this page for so very long. The season has a way of taking you away and leaving little else. As the season is coming to an end we want to thank all of our CSA members, great customers at the farmers markets and our whole accounts (especially The East Lansing food Coop) who purchased our products, supported our farm and help sustain us through this long and rather strange season. Every season is different and this one was no exception.

As of right now most of the clean up work is done (lifted miles of plastic and drip tape), much of the garlic has been planted and a nice green stand of rye is coming up in some of the fields. We hope for more drying weather for another round of garlic planting. We dug up our Dahlias last week and hope to divide and label them this week. I had a great inspiring time at the Association for Speciality Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) conference in Grand Rapids last weekend. So many inspiring talks and new ideas to try next season. Now it’s time to hit the books and figure out the financial health of the farm so we can do some serious planning for next year.  Happy fall everyone and thanks again for all you support. Any recommendations for what you would like us to grow for the 2017 season?

Here are some pictures from the season.img_5135









2 thoughts on “End of season/ Fall on the farm”

  1. Beautiful photos. I love hearing the news from your farm. You are living the dream. It’s not an easy living. I know farm work is very, very hard and the weather is something you cannot control and it controls you. Thank you for sharing your story and these beautiful photographs

  2. The journey of the season has been such a highlight for me. Your words and amazing photography captures the essence of your beautiful farm and the devotion you give to it. So many times I feel as though I am right there even though I live thousands of miles away. I am grateful to you for giving me a peek into your life on what has to be one of the best organic farms in America!

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