Easter weekend 2013

Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend. We are busy continuing to seed in the greenhouses and have a game of greenhouse chess going as we shuttle plants from the nursery greenhouse down to the Quonset greenhouse. Generally we  keep the nursery greenhouse warmer (good for germination) then trays get moved down to the Quonset for growing on. We have soooo many trays planted this year that we have been referring to the nursery as the germination house. I keep worrying that we are going to run out of space but Richard assures me that we will find space for everything. (We should have built that new nursery greenhouse this year…..)

I mailed out brochures last week. If you need another just let me know. Also you can go to the post, 2013 CSA sign-up here at the blog to get another sign-up sheet.

Thanks to all who have already sent in your membership. Hello to Memorial Hospital employees who may be thinking of joining. We have an informational table in the cafeteria to check out. Pics from this weekend.nursery greenhouse in march

Quonset greenhousebiking easter weekendEaster egg tableFun with eggsphoto by Codyphoto by Cody

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  1. Pooh,
    Just added this to a post on our facebook page if you want to check it out or make a comment. Also on the Lansing Crunchy Mom’s group people have been asking about farms who still have CSA’s available and I wanted to ask if you still had any spots left or not.


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