Early Spring 2013

   I wish you all could hear what the farm sounds like in the morning. All  of the sudden you realize how quiet the winter is when the birds start to sing in the spring. Almost everyday another adds to the ever growing chorus  of birds as the days get longer and the ice season gives way to the mud season. Richard planted the first seeds in the nursery greenhouse this afternoon (some of his speciality hot peppers) while I opened the ever growing pile of seed boxes and sorted them into manageable categories. We survived a terrible bout of the stomach flu that visited upon each of us one by one and the last pup found her way to her home this week. We miss them all! (But not so much as it’s good to finally have my kitchen back.)The Mighty Viking Mixer

Late winter baking

I didn’t do nearly as much baking this winter as in 2012. I guess I got distracted with other projects. Hopefully I’ll have time for a few more batches of bread. Here is asiago sundried tomato  whole wheat bread and buns.Last pup goes home

Taylor's history poster

Winter knitting project finished

In my kitchen

Oh my, look what came to the farm!

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