Early August and the fair

The crops continue to grow and ripen and we finally have a few tomatoes to share with our CSA as well as a little for the market. The work of the farm continues to be relentless without a prayer of even making it halfway through the days to-do list. It is basically all hands on deck to keep up with the harvest and keeping up with the weeds is all but a dream. Luckily all the early cultivation will have to hold us through the rest of the season because harvest is the top priority. We did plant some fall lettuce, swiss chard, spinach and zucchini early this week. Monday is week #12 for our CSA. Thanks everyone for being so diligent about picking up and returning your boxes.

I went to the fair this week and brought my camera along. horses hoofs

girl w: cow

walking to midway 2014 fair

draft horse behinds

boots at fari

rides at fair

boy on cell at fari

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