DPP Day #5 Morning on the farm

Beautiful sunny Wednesday. A little baking, a little drying the last of the hot peppers on the wood stove, processing the very, very last of the seasons tomatoes, tending the chickens who are just beginning to lay eggs for the first time (yeah no more store bought eggs) and I reinvent myself. Look see…

Our little bantum rooster we bought at the coounty fair last summer.
Morning eggs
The mighty 7 quart viking mixer. Mixes 4 loafs at a time.
Drying the last hot peppers on the wood stove.
The very, very last tomatoes…ready for?????
Me with new glasses. First glasses ever.

Ok I’ve like looked the same since 7th grade. Well not really the same but this is the shortest my hair has ever been and new glasses. I got sick and tired of constantly looking for my reading glasses so I got one I can wear all the time. If I can just figure out how they work. See you tommorow. Get it??



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