DPP Day #4

Have I mentioned how much I love my kitchen? I have featured it before on the blog so I know some of you have seen it. Three years ago we knocked down a wall and expanded the room to about twice the size it was. It’s hard to believe how many Thanksgiving/ Birthday/ Christmas dinners we had in the tiny kitchen let alone how many employees we fed out of that space. ( We feed our workers lunch everyday they work. Kind of a perk I’d say?)  I still sometimes wander around the kitchen at night when everyone is asleep and enjoy its feel. The rheostat lights on the ceiling are  a constant ever-changing miracle of light to dim to dark.  We recently changed things around a bit and moved the kitchen table (Richard built  with recycled wood from the old kitchen and the old barn that blew down just three days before Taylor was born) to in front of the window with a great view of the bird feeders.  We are thinking of replacing the cabinets this winter as they are in threat of falling down which would mean new countertops too. All very exciting yet sometimes I don’t want to change a single thing about my kitchen. Here…take a look.

At the kitchen table

Just the right size for some great meals, home work and loads of craft projects.

A long streach of kitchen


See everyone tommorow!!

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